Security Tools

Test a Website, Analyze Email Headers, Check for malware in files and download Antivirus for Home

If you would like to test a URL in an email, DO NOT CLICK on it. Instead right click and copy it. Then you can paste it into the following tools.

WT 1: Scan for Signs of Malware and Virus: 

WT 2: Get a Screenshot of the Website:

If you need assistance with a link, please do not hesitate to contact me. Your web safety is always on top of our minds. If you have challenges with using any of the links on this page, contact your IT administrator or Helpdesk.

Analyze the email headers. (Read Tutorial here, before using this tool)

DT 1: Check files for Viruses

AV 1: Immunet – Immunet® is a Free malware and antivirus protection

AV 2: Free Enterprise Class Antivirus for Home 

Av 3: Paid Enterprise Class AntiVirus for Home

AT 1: Test your Router / Firewall 

AT 2: Test your Internet Bandwidth for possible connection issues.  

AT 3: DNS Leak Test

AT 4: Submit an ICS file or hash to obtain a trustworthiness score